Peter Wilkinson (pwilkinson) wrote in bsfa_news,
Peter Wilkinson

Latest Vector, Matrix, Focus - plus awards ballot - now out

After a few production delays, Vector 251, Matrix 183 and Focus 50 were mailed yesterday. If you are a BSFA member (and if not, why not?), you may have received them this morning - otherwise, they should be arriving early next week (at least if you live in the UK).

When you receive them, you will also find a copy of the BSFA Awards ballot form on the back of the address sheet for the mailing. Please follow the instructions for voting and returning the ballot form to Ian Snell, the Awards administrator, by April 3 - that's Tuesday week (a day or so later probably won't matter, but if it hasn't hit Ian's doormat before he leaves for Eastercon, it certainly won't be counted). Our apologies for getting it out so late - a result of the production delays mentioned above.

Alternatively, you can vote either by email or at Eastercon (for which advance bookings close tomorrow if you haven't joined already - otherwise, you have to pay premium rates on the door) - in all cases, of course, as long as you haven't voted already either by email or on one of the forms distributed at recent BSFA meetings or other events. And, of course (except if you are also entitled to vote as an Eastercon member), as long as you are more or less up to date with your subscription payment. The date we believe your next subscription renewal is or was due is shown on your address sheet. If it shows a 2006 date (and you haven't paid in the last fortnight), please send us your renewal payment to arrive before Easter - or if you think we've made a mistake (or have another question about your renewal), please contact us.

Finally, with time so short for voting, we would like to make sure that the ballots and magazines are indeed getting to all members, so we would be grateful if you could let us know when it arrives - or, of course, if it doesn't within a reasonable period.

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