Dr Moonray (swisstone) wrote in bsfa_news,
Dr Moonray

BSFA London meetings - change of venue

The BSFA monthly meeting will be changing venue from the February meeting (guest: Chris Beckett) onwards. The January meeting (guest: Rob Holdstock) will take place in the Star Tavern, as per usual, but after that the Star will no longer have an upstairs function room, so relocation is necessary.

The new venue is:

The Antelope, 22, Eaton Terrace, London, SW1W 8EZ (closest tube, Sloane Square)

We used the Antelope in January 2007, and it did prove reasonably successful.

We will also cease using the Spaghetti House as our preferred restaurant for entertaining the guest, as it's an unreasonable distance to walk. We'll be investigating new restaurants in the vicinity of Sloane Square. If anyone has any recommendations, we welcome them.

I'll post the 2008 programme later tonight.

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